Owl's A Glow - Blue (Glow in the Dark) $12.99/yd

Owl's A Glow - Blue (Glow in the Dark) $12.99/yd

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Owl's A Glow - Blue (Glow in the Dark)

Collection: Light Up My World

Substrate: 100% Cotton

Width: 44" wide

Light Up My World by Alicia Dujets was inspired by whimsical things that bring light to our lives.  It is a glow in the dark collection featuring creatures and sparks of light that you might find outside at nighttime. When designing this collection, she took time to look up at the night sky, to listen to the animals outside around her, and to think back to all the time she spent as a kid catching lightning bugs, the most magical creatures of them all. These designs would make a perfect glow in the dark quilt to use while laying under the stars.