Anthology 1: Camilia, Sibella, Imogen & Beatrice

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Anthology 1: Camilia, Sibella, Imogen & Beatrice

Anthology 1 is a book of knit patterns by, Carrie Bostick Hoge. This collection, of four unique stitch stories (Camilla, Sibella, Imogen & Beatrice), is filled with 20 patterns for adults and children.

Book is 7.5" x 9.75", 96 Pages, perfect bound.

Patterns included:
Camila Pullover, Camilla kid, Camilla babe, Camilla blanket, Camilla Shawl and Camilla Shawl Light. 

Sibella Cardigan, Sibella Pullover, Sibella Cowl, and Sibella Scarf.

Imogen Tee, Imogen Spring and Wool, Imogen Cowl, Immie Tee, and Immie Blanket. 

Beatrice Cardigan, Beatrice Scarf, Beatrice Cowl, Beatrice Wrap, Bea Cardi, and Bea Tee.