Brussels Washer - Yarn Dye - Chestnut- $13.25/ Yard

Brussels Washer - Yarn Dye - Chestnut- $13.25/ Yard

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Brussels Washer - Yarn Dye - Chestnut

A wonderful garment fabric with nice drape and movement. All the joys of linen with the added silky hand of rayon. Lacking the wrinkling that is typical of linen, this fabric is light, springy and easy to care for. A yarn dyed fabric with lovely depth and texture from the variation in yarn colors. 

Perfect for: Dresses, flowy tops, skirts and bottoms. Ideal for garments that require a little movement or drape. 

Designer: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Contents: 55% LINEN, 45% RAYON
Width: 52'' wide
Weight: 6 oz. per square yard.